Alessia Cara Wants To Be Like Amy Winehouse

Alessia cara interview with NMEAlessia Cara spoke with NME and revealed that she wants to be the kind of artist Amy Winehouse used to be. “As an artist, she was able to capture people with just her voice and guitar and it looked so effortless,” she says. She then adds, “That’s all I ever wanted to do: put out music from the heart that people could relate to.”

Before signing her record deal, the “Wild Things” singer said she was afraid to perform in front of people until being inspired by Justin Bieber. “I realized that I could have people hear me without having to be in front of a real audience,” she says about uploading videos to YouTube.

Taking a note out of Ellie Goulding’s book, Alessia Cara wants to make music for her female fans who she feels are “constantly brainwashed in everyday life.” Ironically, it was women who criticized her outfit during her “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” performance.

“They were saying, ‘Why aren’t you wearing a dress? It’s New Year’s Eve! Why are you dressed like a homeless person?’ I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, really?’ I’m not a fashion model, I’m a singer. If my performance is good what does it matter what I’m wearing?”

(Photo credit: Alessia Cara Instagram account)

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  • G

    It shouldn’t matter what you’re wearing but it helps/makes it easier on the eye. I’d rather see someone look like they’ve put effort into the aesthetic rather than not caring.

    Example: Justin at the AMAs. Dude used to have style & then he went for the 2004 oversized clothes look & it looked terrible lol

  • Faith

    This was a really good interview. I really like her personality. I actually dig her homeless look too. It works with what she’s going for.