Zendaya, Demi Lovato And More Like The Taste Of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”

BeyonceBeyoncé dropped “Lemonade” Saturday night on HBO, and stars wasted no time flocking to Twitter and Instagram to show their support for Queen Bey. Zendaya and Amandla Stenberg both appear in the project and shared their reactions. The Weeknd, Demi Lovato and more also shared their thoughts.

See the reactions below.

(Photo Credit: HBO, Zendaya, Demi Lovato, Amanda Sternberg, Kylie Jenner, Dinah Jane Hansen, Raven-Symons, and The Weekend Twitter Accounts)

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  • laura

    ALBUM OF THE CENTURY! #bowdownbitches

    • Godney

      i felt like the movie was better than the album.
      the album is clearly a grower tho… my fav so far are Sorry, Hold Up, 6 Inch

      • laura

        I was in love with the album from the beginning tbh while her previous one really had to grow on me and her other albums don’t really interest me too much..
        My favourites are 6 Inch, Don’t Hurt Yourself, Freedom and Daddy Lessons (I hate country but this song is just too good).

        • Godney

          i’ve never liked beyonce music that much tbh
          (i mean i like some songs but i just cant listen to them for too long) but this album is new and fresh and clearly a good new path for her.
          I need to get into Dont hurt yourself!

          • laura

            Me neither but this album is totally my thing for some odd reason. I guess it’s because it’s less R&B or something.
            Dude, Don’t Hurt Yourself is my jam omg gets me all pumped!

    • GentileJewel

      That is a disgusting thing to say!

      • laura

        I’m sorry..

  • Godney

    The movie was so dark for her image i just love it.
    But why the hell drag her husband like that if she is gonna stay with him?
    Where is her “strong female” image?

    • Ana

      they just want the money this attention will give them, this is a well planned business decision and JayZ surely agrees

      • Godney

        i’m sure jay-z agrees but it just seems… idk.. “fake” to me you know?

    • Lisa

      So calling out her husband for cheating on her makes her weak?

      • Godney

        where did i say that? read again

        • Lisa

          Doesn’t your first question relate to the second one? I understood it as you meaning that by dragging her husband for cheating on her, she wasn’t portraying an image of a strong female aka she was coming off as weak. I’m sorry if I misunderstood you though. But then, what did you actually mean?

          • Godney

            her being cheat on doesnt make her weak or not a strong female. If anything that just makes her normal and more down to earth.
            Staying with the asshole that cheated on her does make her a little weak.

            Why would you drag your partner like that just to stay with him?

          • Lisa

            Maybe she was able to forgive him and they worked really hard on their relationship for their sake of their daughter. Everyone’s situation is different so it’s not fair to claim that a woman is weak for forgiving her husband. She even says in Don’t Hurt Yourself “If you try this shit again, you gonna lose your wife”.

            And why would it only be okay for her to drag him if she had left him?? Jay-Z knew what he was doing when he cheated so it’s all on him. If anything the fact that she was willing to air their marriage’s dirty laundry, showcases her strength and her unwillingness to be ashamed of her husband cheating on her. It’s empowering imo.

          • Godney

            I know everyone’s situation is different.. but what would be your first reaction if your friend stays with the guy that cheats on her?
            oh cmon jay z has cheated before and prob will cheat again, he is a fuck boy.

            is better to drag someone and then leave their asses… she just dragged the hell out of someone and stays with him. How would you feel if your partner drags you in front of everybody even after they forgave you… it doesnt make any sence… specially because they are trying to work things out.

            Bullshit! she didnt air anything about her marriage, and prob if the video from the elavator didnt leak this album would have never existed. She takes whatever rumor the media has and plays it out, its so smart from her part and her team. They always do that.

          • Lisa

            Oh I would totally be against my friend staying with a guy who cheated on her but I also would try to be the very least judgmental I can be and simply respect their decision. It’s their life, not mine.

            And who gives a shit about what Jay-Z feels like? He didn’t give a shit what Beyonce felt like when he was sleeping with another woman. And they might have already worked things out which is why Beyonce can be open about it. The elevator fight happened like 2 years ago. They might have already processed everything.

            And what’s wrong with her and her team taking any rumor and running with it?? Lots of artists do that. Like you said, it’s smart and it doesn’t make it fake. If the rumors are true, it just forces her to comment on them.

          • Godney

            bullshit, i would never “support” my friend like that, i just straight up tell her “you are being dumb, he is gonna cheat again”.

            who gives a shit? she should, is her husband, she decided to stay with him or would you like people around you to be all over your relationship if your boyfriend made a mistake? (whatever mistake that is)
            Yea, it was two years ago and she is still using it… why? because is good for her.
            To me this is not an album were she “opens up” because she clearsly not. She is using a rumor and doing it in a very smart way. Do you really think he cheated months ago? no, it was years ago, and prob not the first time, when there were divorce rumors, they went on tour together.
            When there were pregnancy rumors, she released an album.
            Is what she does.
            Stop trying to put beyonce up so high… because its clearly not that much.

  • Faith

    I love this album. It was so good. I think this is her most consistent album. These last 2 albums have been amazing.

  • Deena

    Split on this one. Feels a little disconnected as a musical collection with high points and some misses. I want to say that I respect it more than really enjoying it as a whole. I will give it to Beyonce that it does feel like she is trying to do more than booty-shakers. At least shes trying to make some artistic statements and is taking a step toward new music, and not just rehashing old flavors like Rihanna seems to be doing.

    I do like 6 inch and Freedom. Daddy Lessons just doesn’t feel right somehow with th e country vibe. Feels forced. Didn’t fit together for me with something like Formation. But maybe it will grow on me :)

  • WTF

    Boy haven’t you already met this permanent pony tail having bitch?

    • boystan

      Lmao… shhh.