Selena Gomez Takes Breaks From Instagram Because Of Cyberbullies

selena gomez instagram teen vogue interviewSelena Gomez has the most followed account on Instagram. But being at the top often means that there are a lot of people trying to tear you down. Selena said as much in an interview with Teen Vogue published on Monday. She also shared how she deals with attacks in the comments on her photos.

“I think a huge part of why I don’t respond or really get into it is just because I don’t want them to win,” the “Kill Em With Kindness” singer says. “I think that’s the biggest thing that disgusts me — when people who have bullied someone so much to the point where it’s dangerous get their way.” Selena seems to subscribe to the idea that bullies just want attention and denying them that is one of the easiest ways to take away their power.

But Selena shared that she has sometimes hit back on social media. She has certain buttons, like her auto-immune disease, that set her off when they get pushed.

“I’ll get very defensive. I’ll say, ‘you don’t understand unless you’ve experienced it, I don’t think it’s fair,’ something like that,” Selena says. “But other than that, I don’t wanna let it get to me and I really just want to be strong for all of my fans who have gone through it.”

Selena’s best advice for getting through cyberbullying on platforms like Instagram? Take a few days off from time to time. It’s a strategy backed by science that shows that taking breaks from social media can lead to better sleep and less stress.

So if you’re worried that Selena hasn’t updated in a while, she might just be taking a little break.

Read Selena’s full interview with Teen Vogue here.

(Photo credit: Kn0wY0u Tumblr account)


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    She complains a lot about social media for someone who attention seeks a lot from it….how weird

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    Her style is so goooood wow