Again? Beyoncé Is Being Sued For Allegedly Stealing

Beyonce sued for stealing againIt just isn’t a good week for music artists. Within hours of each other, reports began of Rihanna, Jay Z and Ed Sheeran all being sued. Now, Beyoncé can be added to the list. TMZ was the first to report that she is being sued by Matthew Fulks after he accused the singer of ripping off his 2014 short film, “Palinoia.”
According to Matthew, the Senior VP at Columbia Music saw the short film some time in 2015 and he claims that’s when his ideas were stolen and used for Beyoncé’s “Lemonade.” He is demanding that Beyoncé and the label give him a cut of her profits.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Beyoncé is being accused of taking somebody else’s work for her own use. Back in April, the singer was called out by Madonna’s trainer Marlyn Ortiz for reappropriating choreography from different productions for her “Formation World Tour.”

Watch the “Lemonade” trailer and “Palinoia” below.

Do you see similarities between the two?

(Photo credit: Beyoncé Instagram account)


  • DoSomethin

    This is getting so old.. what’s next? Suing someone for clapping their hands in a concert?? Goodness, and no this Matthew person is reaching on this one. His trailer is gross btw.