Justin Bieber Sleepwalks Through “Lifeless” Minnesota Show

Justin Bieber gets another bad review-4Justin Bieber is receiving poor reviews for his “Purpose World Tour” for the second time after the singer hit the Target Center stage in Minneapolis. The singer is being called “lifeless” by the concert reviewer who claimed the singer “basically sleepwalked” through Sunday night’s concert.

The critiques of Justin’s Father’s Day show hit the same notes as the criticisms from his Detroit concert back in April where he gave an equally “lackluster” show. The reviewer goes on to say that the only time Justin did show some enthusiasm was performing his acoustic set, but other than that there was no “charisma.”

The latest review comes days after the singer resumed his tour after taking over a two week break that included fights and Instagram rants.

Before the show, Justin was seen hanging out at Minnetonka and attending a morning church service.

Check out some photos from Justin’s Minnesota concert below.

What do you think about Justin getting poor concert reviews?

(Photo credit: JBCrewdotcom Twitter account)


  • Raquel

    Well, he should be concerned. Looking alive and trying to give the best experience to your fans should be his main focus. I know he’s in a position where he can just phone it in, but he really shouldn’t. You never know when people are gonna open their eyes and walk out on your bs.

  • ha

    I think he is just being lazzy

  • Godney

    oh god that picture