Forget Meet And Greets: Nick Jonas And Demi Lovato Are Taking Fans Backstage For Free

Nick Jonas And Demi Lovato Take Fans BackstageNick Jonas and Demi Lovato handed some of their “Honda Civic Tour: Future Now” promotional duties to Client Relations expert Dave Osokow. Dave is in charge of hosting behind-the-scenes segments throughout the duration of the tour, and the first video blog has been released.

Dave introduces viewers to the production and management team in charge of the tour and of Nick and Demi as artists. He also introduces Nick, as if fans didn’t know who he was. “My name is Nick Jonas, and I actually don’t know what I’m doing on this tour,” Nick jokes. “I just showed up when they told me.”

Demi later shows up to reveal what she’s most excited for about the tour. “I get to see my fans every night so that’s pretty fucking cool,” she says.

Shots of rehearsal footage are also included in the segment, ultimately bringing Nick and Demi into arena seats for a shocking revelation that Nick doesn’t know as much as he thinks about Demi. “New Mexico, I was born there,” Demi says. “I didn’t know that. You learn something new about Demi Lovato every day,” Nick responds.

Check out the first video blog below and check back with us as they continue to roll out.

(Photo credit: justcatchmedemi Twitter account)

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