Bella Thorne “Stalked The Sh*t” Out Of Anna Kendrick

Bella Thorne Stalked The Sht Outta Anna KendrickBella Thorne can appreciate a good woman when she sees one, and it looks like she found herself a new girl crush. After admitting to a pastime many take part in—social media creeping—Bella revealed her love for Anna Kendrick. “She’s pretty fine I must say,” she tweeted before correcting fine to “fwinnnnneeee.”

Anna hasn’t reciprocated or acknowledged Bella’s sentiments yet, possibly out of respect for Gregg Sulkin.

Check out Bella’s tweet below.

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Twitter account and Anna Kendrick Instagram account)

Bella Thorne Stalked The Sht Out Of Anna Kendrick


  • Lily

    Anna hasn’t responded because Bella is irrelevant to someone of Anna’s standards and (actual) talent!