Zendaya Sounds Off On Racial Injustice In Essence Cover Story

Zendaya-Sounds-Off-On-Racial-Injustice-In-Essence-Cover-Story-e1468335178232The August issue of Essence Magazine is fronted by one powerful fighter for social justice. Zendaya took a break from filming for the Disney Channel to travel down to Rio de Janerio to discuss political activism. As always, the singer/actress pulled no punches.

“When I talk to people about [standing up for myself], it’s not new,” she says to Essence. “It’s not something I just started doing. I just did it in public, and more people saw it than usual.”

Zendaya has been known to stand up for herself, her culture, and her looks in the past. After an off color comment on E! News by Guiliana Rancic about how Zendaya’s long dreadlocks must smell like “patchouli oil… or weed,” the Disney actress turned to social media to formulate a response.

zandaya“You’ve got to realize those Twitter followers, those kids who watch you, that’s technically power,” Zendaya says. “I have a responsibility or a duty to the people who watch me to promote positive things, or to show them positive things, or to enlighten them.”

Check out Zendaya’s Essence cover below. Read her complete feature here.

(Photo credits: Zendaya Instagram account; Zendaya France Twitter account)

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