Lindsay Lohan’s Relationship Sh*t Hits The Fan In A Big Way

lindsay lohan egor tarabasov relationship drama london police screaming shouting crying threats violence strangleEarlier this week, Lindsay Lohan put her fiancé, Egor Tarabasov, on blast on Instagram for cheating before requesting that the public stay out of her affairs. All of this came not long after Lindsay had to deny throwing Egor’s phone into the Aegean Sea in a fit of rage. Now, no one is sure of the couple’s status after shocking new video has surfaced. In the footage, Lindsay in on the balcony of her London home in the wee hours of the morning, crying and pleading for help as she accuses Egor of trying to kill her.

Lindsay is heard shouting her name and address across the neighborhood, asking anyone to help her as she and Egor continue to trade words. She calls him a “psycho” as she tells him that strangling women is inexcusable. She unloads all this as she kicks him out of her house. Egor’s responses are too quiet to be heard. All this is said to have occurred around 5AM on Saturday morning.

Reports indicate that police did eventually arrive at the house and broke in to intervene. However, the house was empty when they arrived. They went on to locate Lindsay and Egor, finding them “safe and well,” according to a police spokesperson.

But that wasn’t where the drama ended. On Monday, TMZ spotted Lindsay leaving London via Heathrow Airport. Then, they published screenshots they claimed were of texts from Lindsay’s dad, Michael Lohan, to Egor. In the texts, Michael threatens Egor should any harm come to Lindsay.

The couple’s current relationship status is unknown. Only Lindsay herself may be able to shed some light on the situation.

You can see video of Lindsay’s cries for help below.

(Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan Instagram account)