People Are Upset About Christina Grimmie Being Left Out Of The 2016 Emmy’s “In Memoriam” Tribute

Christina Grimmie not included in memorium-5Every year, award shows honor the celebrities that passed and Sunday night’s Emmy Awards was no different. Tori Kelly performed “Hallelujah” while a video montage played featuring late actors, musicians, writers, directors and more stars. Many of celebrities we lost this year were included, except for late singer Christina Grimmie.

The singer’s exclusion caused social media outrage among many viewers who called out the ceremony for not including the former “The Voice” contestant after the singing competition won an Emmy.

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Though the singer was not featured in the televised tribute, she is included on the website’s “In Memoriam” page along with WWE wrestler Chyna, who was also left out of the tribute.

How do you feel about Christina being left out of the Emmy;s “In Memoriam” tribute.

(Photo credits: Christina Grimmie Instagram account; CharlotteCant, GleekyZ, jetblackmalec and MacoKatigbak Twitter accounts)


  • sorry?

    It’s unbelievably sad what happened to Christina, but she wasn’t some HUGE star and most didn’t even know who she was until she died. They were honoring very big stars. :( Sad for Christina though.

  • guest

    I mean she did pass away & it is sad but it’s not like she had a huge hit single or anything. The most popular thing she’s known for is what happened to her last. She didn’t leave her talent marked in history like David Bowie or Prince, maybe she would’ve though.