Lily Aldridge Defends Taylor Swift’s Squad

lily aldridge defends taylor swift's squadDemi Lovato wasn’t the first celeb to attack Taylor Swift’s squad, and she won’t be the last. Demi’s comments on Taylor and company’s feminism sparked a nasty exchange with Perez Hilton. The backlash from fans was so bad that Demi announced that she’s planning a hiatus for 2017. But the squad itself has been relatively quiet. Finally, squad member Lily Aldridge has spoken in the squad’s defense.

“We are a really nice group of women that support each other and genuinely have each others’ backs,” Lily tells E! News. Lily’s praise for the squad comes as a brokenhearted Cara Delevingne relies on Taylor’s support and Dakota Johnson becomes the newest recruit.

Lily’s quick comment stayed positive and didn’t counterattack Demi or any of the squad’s critics. But the squad doesn’t really have to hit back when Perez and a legion of fans will do that for them. The model also shared that Taylor and the girls all got to fan out over her husband’s new album. Lily’s man, Caleb Followill, is in Kings of Leon, one of Taylor’s faves if you believe her Instagram.

When asked if there was any potential for a collaboration between Taylor and Kings of Leon, Lily left the possibility open, saying, “Who knows? Maybe.”

What do you think of Lily’s take on the squad? Is it too good to be true?

(Photo credit: Lily Aldridge Instagram account)

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