Demi Lovato Is Still Promoting “Honda Civic Tour: Future Now” With A Two-Week-Old Video

Demi Lovato Is Still Promoting The Honda Civic Tour: Future NowAlthough Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas didn’t seem too upset about saying goodbye to their joint “Honda Civic Tour: Future Now,” Demi is on promotional autopilot. The “Confident” singer finally tweeted out the fifth installment of “Honda Civic Tour: Future Now Diary” that was released two weeks ago. The video was published to Demi’s Youtube channel in a timely fashion, but she hadn’t promoted its existence until now.

You might recall that the fifth tour diary focused on the studio bus that neither Demi nor Nick seemed to use. Given the timing, Demi’s tweet is rather situationally ironic as she has diminished her social media presence and announced a break from the spotlight in 2017. A break means no music, despite the fact that she’s currently on a mini solo tour.

One Twitter user’s response sums everything up nicely:

Demi Lovato Promotes Future Now Tour With Old VideoNo, HolyDemiPerry, she did not, but your thought process is shared, likely by many others.

Check out Demi’s late-to-the-game tweet below.

(Photo credits: Demi Lovato and HolyDemiPerry Twitter accounts, Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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