Lady Gaga Is Super Ready For A Zombie Apocalypse

Lady Gaga Is Super Ready For A Zombie ApocalypseLady Gaga stopped by iHeartRadio’s “Most Requested Live” on Saturday. The singer discussed her experience with bullying, tacos and how she’d handle a zombie apocalypse. Lady Gaga also divulged timely advice from one of her favorite friends, Tony Bennett. “You’ve just gotta keep going, you know, straight ahead. That’s what Tony Bennett always says to me,” she claims.

The process of going “straight ahead” seemed to always come naturally for Lady Gaga. “In high school, I used to actually always give compliments to the girl that bullied me, and it really annoyed her,” she says. “I used to go, ‘Your hair looks great today,’ because she was so mean to me. Or I’d say, ‘Oh, I heard you got a job! Congratulations!’ and she would be so mad because she was always so mean.”

Taco Tuesday is a cherished day of the week for many and Lady Gaga is no exception. “We have partaken in Taco Tuesdays. I think tacos are okay any day of the week,” Gaga says. Another aspect of popular culture that the singer is supremely aware of is the idea of an impending zombie takeover. She is more ready than most and she would quite literally fight fire with fire. “I think I’d look for zombie costumes to give my friends so we could all pretend we’re zombies so they don’t eat us,” she says. “I mean that’s the way to go. My weapon is I would just start eating people, so they don’t eat me.”

Check out her full interview below.

(Photo credit: MTV Twitter account)