Camila Cabello Sports A Horrendous Disguise To Have A Normal Night Out

Camila Cabello Tries Out A Ridiculous Disguise To Have A Normal NightCamilo Cabello drastically changed up her look to enjoy a night out without being recognized. Fifth Harmony’s guitarist Ashlee Juno did the same so she and her pal could “sneak and go to a concert.” The two were fitted for wigs and Ashlee documented the insanity on Snapchat. No disguise is complete without a fake identity so the Fifth Harmony team came up with “Alexis & Betsy.” Camila thought she looked like Kate Hudson, but the Internet had different comparisons in mind.

Camila Cabello Wigs Out 1One Twitter user responded with an oddly specific and eerily accurate description of Camila’s new look. The user said Camila looked like the love child of Denise Huxtable from “The Cosby Show” and Daenerys Targaryen of “Game of Thrones.” Other users gave their own opinions, most of which related to famous South Americans.

Camila Cabello Wigs Out 2 Camila Cabello Wigs Out 4 Camila Cabello Wigs Out 5Others offered up cartoon side-by-sides which still seemed to fit Camila’s disguise.

Camila Cabello Wigs Out 3 Camila Wigs Out 7One user caught on to Camila’s Kate Hudson statement from Ashlee’s Snapchat and quickly destroyed her dreams.

Camila Wigs Out 6

Check out Ashlee’s Snapchats below.

Is Camila’s disguise more convincing than Fifth Harmony’s attempt to hide its inevitable split?

(Photo credits: Camila Cabello Instagram account, ashlee_juno, lynmarquis, Andreapv93, avanghy_, MariaInsanity, KLR14ssshhh, rosianegarrido and camilanewsbr Twitter accounts)