Kylie Jenner Is Still Kissing Christina Aguilera’s Ass

Kylie Jenner Reprises Her Halloween Costume For Christina AguileraKylie Jenner’s impersonation skills were requested in honor of Christina Aguilera’s birthday. The reality star was asked to show up to Christina’s birthday bash Saturday night dressed in vintage Xtina attire, just like her Halloween costume.  “When XTINA wants u to dress as XTINA for her bday you do it,” Kylie wrote on Snapchat.

Instead of dusting off her red and black recreation of Christina’s 2002 “Dirrty” music video attire, Kylie changed things up a bit. She still stuck to the video’s theme, but opted for a yellow and black variation instead.

See a few photos as well as Kylie’s Snapchat from the night below.

(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner and Matthew Rutler Instagram accounts)