Louis Tomlinson Debuts Powerful Solo Single Following His Mother’s Death

Louis Tomlinson Gives Powerful Debut Of First Solo Single Following His Mother's PassingLouis Tomlinson brought “The X Factor” crowd to its feet and nearly to tears after debuting his first solo single, an inspirational dance anthem, just days after losing his mother to cancer. The track is called “Just Hold On!” and was created and performed in collaboration with Steve Aoki.

As rumored, Louis’ One Direction boys showed up for support. Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Harry Styles slipped backstage where a few fans managed to capture blurry photographic evidence. Zayn Malik, who was also rumored to be in attendance, didn’t seem to actually be there. Comedian and former “X Factor” worker Roycey seemingly confirmed One Direction’s presence in a heartfelt tweet about the band’s loyalty.

Louis Tomlinson Performs on The X Factor 1The support didn’t stop with One Direction, either. After Louis got through the performance with immeasurable strength, Simon Cowell shared a few words. “I’ve known you now for six years and what you’ve just done and the bravery…I respect you as an artist, I respect you as a person,” Simon tells Louis. “Your mum was so proud of you, Louis, and she was so looking forward to tonight. She’s looking down on you now. She’s so proud.”

Although Louis’ kept his composure while performing a song written for his late mother, his tweets after the fact reveal how difficult it truly was.

Louis Tomlinson Performs on The X Factor 2 Louis Tomlinson Performs on The X Factor 3 Louis Tomlinson Performs on The X Factor 4Check out the debut performance of Louis and Steve Aoki’s “Just Hold On!” below and let us know what you think.

(Photo credits: twistedrevival, Louis Tomlinson and Roycey Twitter accounts)

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  • Sara

    what a man! Jesus, i dont know how he got through that performance but he did one hell of a performance and you felt every word he sang and i had goosebumps all over my body and that doesnt happen often and i am proud of Liam, Niall and Harry for dropping everything to go and support him, they are brothers, family and they did show that last night! My heart breaks for Louis but he got a lot of support around him <3

  • thecat61

    Mom will always be with you Louis!

  • guest

    You could tell how difficult it was for him to perform but he pulled it off so greatly. He has the respect of the world for that, you know what an incredible woman his mom was bc clearly she raised a son that even during his hardest times, he just holds on<3 God bless you Louis!!

  • DoSomethin

    He did surprisingly well. The fact that he was easily tied with Niall for the weakest in the group I didn’t expect anything good to come out of a solo performance. I thought he’d have awkward stage presence and vocals but he proved me wrong, on top of that with his Mom passing away he blew me away. I’m so proud of him.