Zayn Malik’s Attempt To Defend Gigi Hadid Against Asian Community Goes Terribly Wrong

Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2017 - Givenchy ShowZayn Malik’s latest romantic gesture included defending Gigi Hadid  and it went terribly wrong after the singer made a joke of his model girlfriend allegedly mocking Asians. Over the weekend, Bella Hadid shared a video via Instagram Story of Gigi holding a cookie designed to look like Buddha up to her face while squinting her eyes. It was an action that caused many people to feel offended and one Twitter user asked Zayn how he felt about it, which led to social media chaos.
Zayn attempts to defend Gigi-2Zayn attempts to defend Gigi-1Apparently Zayn’s response was not acceptable and seemed to make matters worse amongst the Asian community.

Zayn attempts to defend Gigi-3Zayn attempts to defend Gigi-4Zayn attempts to defend Gigi-5Zayn has yet to respond to the backlash, but this is not the first time the singer has been slammed for his racially insensitive tweets. However, Zayn does have some people on his side, calling out the critics for thinking that the singer was supposed to break up with Gigi over the video.
Zayn attempts to defend Gigi-6Watch Bella’s video that caused all of this drama below?

Do you think Gigi and Zayn deserve the backlash?

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  • anon

    Perrie would never<3

    • Rah

      Lol Perrie cultural appropriates like every other week.

  • guest

    he should have shut the hell up and gigi should have just apologized and all of this would have been over already! zayn is only digging his own grave deeper. first he talks shit about 1D and then he claims to have anxiety so he can’t perform (there is help to get but he doesnt seem to want it so i dont buy that excuse anymore, i have anxiety so i know what it means to have issues) and now he defends his racist girlfriend who have done it multiple times on social media. i am still waiting for the #ZigiIsOverParty to trend on social media!