Kylie Jenner Gets The Model Treatment At NYFW

Kylie Jenner Gets The Model Treatement At NYFWWhile Kendall Jenner did all the hard work of modeling and navigating press events, Kylie Jenner cashed in on her big sister’s work ethic and name for a comfortably positioned front row seat at Jeremy Scott’s New York Fashion Week show. The front row responsibilities are no joke, so Kylie was prepped as if she were actually walking the runway. The beauty mogul and reality star was taken backstage to be fitted for a custom-made gold fringe dress by Jeremy Scott himself.

Kylie cozied up to Sofia Richie throughout the show and they took on the coveted front row with glam. Kendall didn’t walk in the show, but Gigi Hadid’s participation made her the honorary Kardashian-Jenner for Kylie to cheer on. Kendall and Kylie were later reunited at an after party of sorts, which was obviously documented via Snapchat.

Check out a few photos and video below.

(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie Instagram accounts, UpdateJenner Twitter account)

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