Lauren Jauregui To The Media: “F*CK YOU”

Lauren Jauregui To The Media: Fck YouLauren Jauregui captured the media’s attention earlier this week with the release of intimate photographs from a shoot with reported ex-girlfriend Lucy Vives. The attention isn’t going anywhere and Lauren has had enough. Despite the fact that she shared a very personal glimpse into her private life, Lauren has choice words for “every single media outlet” focusing on her private life.

Lauren Jauregui Calls For Privacy 1

It doesn’t seem like she truly meant to attack all of the reports, but rather the media outlets that are sexualizing the photographs. Lauren’s previous response to the media attention better clarifies her complaint.

Lauren Jauregui Calls For Privacy 2

Lauren Jauregui Calls For Privacy 3It does, however, seem odd to later follow up with this general privacy request after Lauren made the decision to share photos from her personal life. Over-sexualization is obviously a hot topic and an issue worth addressing, but the photographer behind the coming out project—one of Lauren’s close friends—explained the photos as disarming, empowering and, to Lauren’s current disdain, sensual.

What do you make of Lauren’s outburst? Is it justified?

(Photo credits: laurencombr, Lauren Jauregui and AlyshaFerrenti Twitter accounts)


  • Geez

    Okay, normally I get it..stay out of personal lives, but this time she asked for it. She allowed the photos to be released. You can’t even try to tell me she didn’t KNOW this would happen. That’s how the media works. It isn’t going to change. Why complain about it every single time? I’m a Lauren fan for a lot of reasons, but this is just hypocritical.

    • GentileJewel

      I don’t know why you are.