Katy Perry Is Headed To The Top Of The Album Charts For The Third Time

Katy Perry debuting at number one-1Katy Perry has come out on top with her third number-one album, “Witness.” The singer will be making her way to the top of the Billboard 200 charts replacing Halsey’s number-one album, despite Taylor Swift’s sneaky power play to put her music back on streaming services.

Billboard reported on the singer’s surprising album debut on Sunday, revealing that “Witness” sold 180,000 units. Katy was quick to thank fans for keeping her career afloat–and given the underwhelming performance of her album’s singles, she has a lot to be thankful for.
Katy Perry debuting at number one-2Katy’s album release was heavily promoted by rehashing her year-long feud with Taylor Swift as well as a 72-hour livestream. Katy is now the second female to gain a number-one album this year.

Are you shocked that Katy’s album will be number one?

(Photo credit: Katy Perry Instagram account)


  • thecat61

    Congrats Katy!