Hailey Baldwin Stays Away From Justin Bieber To Get Closer To God

Hailey Baldwin attends chuch conference-1Hailey Baldwin received the word of the lord at the first Zoe Church conference on Sunday along with her ex Justin Bieber. The two were spotted leaving the conference separately before they both headed over to The Peppermint Club where they still avoided each other like the plague.

The Zoe Church is run by pastor Chad Veach who also runs Hillsong Church, the worship center for the young and the rich. “This weekend.. this was one of those perspective changing weekends for me,” she reflected on her Instagram. “Thankful I got to be a part of it and very grateful I was present to witness the first ever @zoechurchlaconf. Stepping away from it feeling refreshed and feeling clear.”

Check out video from the concert and afterparty below.

(Photo credits: richwilkersonjr and Hailey Baldwin Instagram accounts)

Hailey Baldwin attends chuch conference-2


  • Anonymous

    All I gotta say is Pastor Chad Veach does not run Hillsong Church also, he only runs Zoe Church.