Idris Elba Almost Stumbled Into The Middle Of Taylor Swift’s Feud With Kanye West

Save Him Idris Elba Stumbled Into The Middle Of Taylor Swift's Feud With Kanye West featureIdris Elba is getting all kinds of love from The New York Times. As part of a mutli-piece push from the publication, Idris played a game of “Confirm or Deny”–a.k.a. “True or False”–with some trivia tidbits about his own life. In the process, he shined a tiny light on what it was like to be at the 2016 Met Gala with Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

“It was great,” Idris said of the even he got to co-host with Taylor. “I felt really famous that day.” Unfortunately, Idris wasn’t up to date on all the latest beefs. Despite that, he picked up on the intense vibes between Taylor and Kanye because what would fame be without a little drama?

“It was a bit awkward because Taylor Swift and I had to present an award,” Idris shares. “We were walking through the crowd and obviously, there was a little beef between Taylor and Kanye.”

“I didn’t know any of this,” he continues. “But I was there! And I was, like, ‘Oh, this is awks.'”

With sharp eyes like that, Idris should be a shoe-in for the next James Bond.

(Photo credits: Taylor Swift VEVO, Kanye West VEVO and “The View” YouTube accounts)

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