Shane Dawson Calls Out Fellow YouTuber Jake Paul For Stealing His Video Concept

Shane Dawson calls out Jake Paul-1It’s not surprising that Jake Paul has found himself a new enemy, so Shane Dawson calling the problematic YouTuber out shouldn’t be a shock. On Tuesday, Shane was joined by Blair Fowler and Ryland Adams as he called out Jake for “coming for his brand” by uploading a video similar to his “Confronting My First Love.”

Shane Dawson calls out Jake Paul-4

“I think Jake Paul doesn’t know who I am. I think he saw us on the trending page [at] number 1,” Shane humbly admits before reviewing the two videos.

Earlier this week, Jake decided to film himself having a conversation with his ex-girlfriend while in a car much like the concept Shane also did. Shane isn’t harboring any hard feelings towards Jake for stealing his idea saying, “it’s YouTube. Everybody does it.” What Shane does have a problem with, however, is not being credited as the inspiration behind the video.

Sadly, Jake stealing Shane’s conversations with an ex concept wasn’t the only idea he may have taken. On Monday, Shane tweeted out an identical comparison tweet calling out Jake for coming for his brand. This time, though, it dealt with a Halloween-themed video.
Shane Dawson calls out Jake Paul-2

Watch Shane’s reaction to Jake’s copycat video below.

(Photo credit: Shane Dawson Instagram account)