Zac Efron May Not Be The “Sexiest Man Alive,” But He’s Close Enough

Zac Efron May Not Be The Sexiest Man Alive But Hes Close Enough featureIt’s that time of year again. PEOPLE Magazine is gearing up to announce its pick for this year’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” Ahead of the announcement, the publication is making readers drool over the gaggle of guys who didn’t quite make the grade this time. One of them happens to be Zac Efron, billed as 2017’s Thrill Seeker.

It’s a fitting title given the actor’s recent adventures climbing mountains and living young, wild and free with his brother.

Zac spoke with PEOPLE about what he looks for when he chooses his movie roles and surprisingly going shirtless isn’t a factor. “I love finding projects that are a challenge, require commitment and have variety, too,” Zac explains.

The actor can next be seen in the musical “The Greatest Showman” in which Zac taking off his shirt for no reason isn’t a huge part of the film. The actor’s last film, “Baywatch,” starred 2016’s “Sexiest Man Alive” and Zac’s personal crush, The Rock. The former wrestler won’t be covering this year’s issue, but that won’t stop Zac from loving him any less.

Read the rest of Zac’s PEOPLE interview here and check out some photos below that may just prove the publication wrong.

Who do you think the magazine will name “Sexiest Man Alive”?

(Photo credits: GoodGirlWhosHopeful and Zac Efron Shirtless Tumblr accounts; Zac Efron Instagram account; ZacEfronPT Twitter account)

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