Jake Paul’s Team Gets Real As Team 10 Continues Getting Smaller Every Day

Jake Paul fires back at Martinez Twins-7Jake Paul has once again found himself caught up in YouTube drama. This time it isn’t with his brother, but instead members of his creative agency Team 10. The self-appointed greatest YouTuber has responded to Ivan Martinez and Emilio Martinez’s allegations that they were bullied.

In a statement shared via Team 10’s official Twitter account, Jake colors himself shocked by Emilio and Ivan’s accusations. After using the first two paragraphs of the statement to take credit for bettering the lives of the Martinez twins, Team 10 denied any claims that any bullying took place.

“What they said in the video simply isn’t true. If they had ever said anything, we would’ve addressed the problem like a real family does,” the statement reads. Taking the Taylor Swift route, Jake decided to make himself out to be the victim by shining a light on the recent smear campaigns against his good name.

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The vlogger warned that from now on he would no longer remain silent in order to protect the people close to him and to “keep them out of jail.” Although Jake is surprised by the twins’ departure, he says that he would still welcome them back into his home if they changed their minds.
Jake Paul fires back at Martinez Twins-5Jake and Team 10’s reaction came as a response to the twins after they revealed that they had officially left Team 10 due to constant bullying.

“I want you guys to imagine that you go somewhere then no one talks Spanish or your language,” Emilio said about the brothers’ experience, adding, “and you see people in the house laughing and you don’t even know what they’re talking about. Then you find out they were talking bullshit about you, they’re laughing at you.”

Hailing from Spain, Ivan and Emilio explained that they moved to L.A. after Jake came to meet them and offered them a spot in his creative agency.

“We used to love you Jake and we used to love Team 10,” said Ivan.

This isn’t the first time Emilio or Ivan claimed to be leaving Team 10. A month ago, the twins announced that they wouldn’t be returning to L.A. or Team 10 due to issues of getting back into the U.S. after being deported to Spain.

See Team 10’s full statement, the twins’ announcement video and compilations of the alleged bullying below.

(Photo credit: Team 10 Instagram account)

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