Taylor Swift Causes Pandemonium While Shopping For Her Own CD

Taylor Swift Causes A Scene While Buying Her Own Album At A Target featureTaylor Swift has a tradition of heading out to buy her own album in stores after its release, and “Reputation” is no exception. The singer recently made a late night trip to a Target in Nashville, where she delighted Swifties with selfies and jokes as she pushed her record on them.

Taylor rolled up to the Target with a sizable squad. Once inside, she gave fans a chance to end up on her Instagram story as she documented several of her meet-ups in the store. While some fans seemed nervous about that prospect, a crowd quickly formed around Taylor.

Taylor met several long-time super fans and took tons of pics with them. At least one Target shopper only stopped in for some pasta sauce, but found himself in the middle of the throng.

Taylor certainly isn’t hurting for sales at this point. “Reputation” is a commercial juggernaut that’s already racked up over 900,000 sales and counting. She’s definitely on pace for another debut week with over a million sales.

Seems like she was lucky to find a store that still had her record on the shelves.

(Photo credit: Taylor Swift Instagram Story via Tu Fan YouTube account)