Is Cameron Monaghan About To Walk Away From “Shameless” For A New Project?

Is Cameron Monaghan About To Walk Away From Shameless For A New Project featureWith recurring roles on two of televisions biggest shows, Cameron Monaghan has proven that he has staying power in Hollywood. Even though he can’t keep spoilers to himself, the actor may have to tell all about a major role coming his way.

Wednesday, Cameron treated Twitter like his personal journey. “I have a truly difficult challenge, perhaps the most of my acting career so far, coming up soon,” he wrote. “A real “rabbit out of a hat” situation. Excited and deeply nervous too. So much possibility, room for reinvention. Can’t wait to share.”

While no one knows what Cameron is referring to, some believe he may have to walk away from one of his big-time roles toon.

Check out Cameron’s tweet below.

What do you think Cameron’s dilemma might be: juggling multiple gigs or having to quit one of his shows to make room for a bigger opportunity?

(Photo credit: Perry Ellis Twitter account)

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