Nick Jonas Is Far Too Concerned With The Size Of Santa’s Sack

Naughty Nick Jonas Makes Caspar Lee Laugh About Santa's Giant Sack featureNick Jonas must be looking for a lump of coal this year. The singer and “Jumanji” actor was in London recently promoting his new movie. While he was there, he showed off the comedy tips he picked up from Jack Black and Kevin Hart in a bad Christmas joke showdown with YouTuber Caspar Lee.

Nick and Caspar went back and forth, trying not to laugh at each others’ worst holiday-themed humor. Wearing a winter jacket that appeared to be both leather and puffy, Nick did his best to make Caspar crack with a month of wearing reindeer antlers on the line.

Nick ended up winning the back-and-forth contest. In true Grinch style, he walked off with Caspar’s Christmas tree as a trophy. That’ll be harder to travel with than the can of spray deodorant he got Casper for Christmas.

Watch the face-off below.

Is Nick ready to try a tight five of stand-up comedy? Or does his routine need some work?

(Photo credit: Caspar Lee Instagram account)

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