Britney Spears Wades Her Way Into Uncharted Waters: Politics

Toxic Britney Spears Wades Into Politics featureBritney Spears has had enough of her own silence, it seems. The singer famous for trusting former Republican President George W. Bush to a fault may have surprised some on Friday when she took a stance against the administration of President Donald Trump. Britney showed her supports for the Dreamers facing deportation under Donald’s regime.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (a.k.a., DACA) is a policy that gave kids who entered the United States while under 18 a chance to stay in the country despite illegal status. The issue has been a hot one for stars like Demi Lovato and Camila Cabello. Now, Britney is weighing in.

Toxic Britney Spears Wades Into Politics tweetThe “Toxic” singer shared a pic of herself in a shirt that reads “We are all Dreamers.” It’s a show of solidarity with the immigrant youth, and Britney even managed to tie the shirt up to show off her belly button piercing.

The pic came with a link to a website with a “Holiday action plan” for convincing Congress to pass the DREAM Act, a piece of legislation that would give the kids protected by DACA another chance to stay in the States.

Are you surprised to see Britney speaking out politically?

(Photo credit: Britney Spears Instagram account)

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