Yara Shahidi: “Not Everybody Agrees With You And You Have To Very Much Figure Out Your Own Opinion”

Yara Shahidi Reaches Critical Levels Of Wokeness In Daily Show Interview featureYara Shahidi dropped all kinds of knowledge on Trevor Noah on Tuesday when she stopped by “The Daily Show.” In a lengthy interview about her new show, her college plans and her eagerness to start voting once she turns 18 in February, Yara also held court about what political engagement means to her and other young people in the age of President Donald Trump.

Discussing her “Grown-ish” character’s socioeconomic privilege, Yara explained how she relates to the Johnson family: “I have the luxury of living in the progressive blue bubble of California. And so, a lot of the college experience is similar to any experience I’ve had in which that bubble is broken.”

“You realize not everybody agrees with you and you have to very much figure out your own opinion, as well as why you believe in what you believe because it can no longer be like, ‘This is just the way things are,'” she continued. “You actually have to have facts and have a line of reasoning, and so a lot of that comes with your personal development and evolution along with a political development, which is expedited by our current administration.”

Yara is eager to start casting ballots to help change the future. “I’ve always been excited to vote,” she said. “I think what’s really exciting is I will be able to vote during mid-terms and mid-terms determines how we redistrict and being able to vote while we figure out how we are redistricting means that in 2020, we’re going to have a few things figured out hopefully.”

Watch Yara’s entire sit-down with Trevor Noah below.

(Photo credit: “The Daily Show” Instagram account)