“The Fault in Our Stars” And “Harry Potter” Stars Reunite And Fans Lose Their Sh*t

Golden Globes reunite YA movie stars-1Besides seeing who came dressed in Sunday night’s Golden Globe dress code of black, fans of “Harry Potter” and “The Fault in Our Stars” witnessed reunions between some of the film’s biggest stars. Emma Watson and Robert Pattison came together to the excitement of Potterheads everywhere while Nicholas Sparks fans were able to enjoy Shailene Wooley and Ansel Elgort reuniting.

Emma and Robert presented the award for “Best Limited Series TV Movie,” but viewers just couldn’t get over the fact that Hermoine Granger and Cedric Diggory were together again.
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Emma and Robert weren’t the only “Harry Potter” alumni in attendance at Sunday’s awards show. Gary Oldman and David Thewlis who played Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, respectively, were also in the audience.
Golden Globes reunite YA movie stars-3A less rare, but still exciting reunion also happened between Shailene and Ansel. The two starred in the young adult romance film back in 2014 before going on to star in the “Divergent” series which released its final installment in 2016.
Golden Globes reunite YA movie stars-6While on the red carpet, Shailene took a quick moment to wave at Ansel who has played both her lover and brother.

See photos and video of the Y.A. reunions below.

(Photo credits: Entertainment Weekly Instagram account; Stefanie Keenan; ShaileneArmy Twitter account)

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