Niall Horan Proves He’s The Herpes Of Pop Music: He Keeps Coming Back

Niall Horan releasing new lyric videoJust when you thought Niall Horan was gone, the singer has returned with a new single and lyric video for “On The Loose.” Niall announced the video on Sunday night with a short teaser to get his fans excited for one of the few uptempo songs he’s released.

In a recent interview with Herald Sun, he admitted that he tried to channel the talents of Fleetwood Mac while writing the song. “You can hear the ‘Mac in that. Everyone’s always trying to write their own Dreams,” he says. “I’m only 24, Fleetwood Mac is the music I’ve listened to since I was four years old.”

Watch the lyric video below.

(Photo credit: Niall Horan Instagram account)