Camila Cabello’s Tour Merch Looks Purposefully Familiar

Camila Cabello's Tour Merch Looks Awfully FamiliarCamila Cabello is getting ready to head out on her first solo tour and a stint on the road for Taylor Swift. With the growing trend of artists putting a lot of creative energy into tour merch, fans were eager to see what Camila had in store for her “Never Be The Same Tour.” Those fans finally got a sneak peak and everyone’s experiencing a whole lot of Justin Bieber déjà vu.

Camila’s first look at her tour merch showcases a mustard yellow sweatshirt. It has “NBTS” etched in black on the front with “Never Be The Same” written in red down the sleeve. On the back, Camila has a portion of the song’s lyrics appearing in list form.

Excitement was squashed as fans tried to figure out where they had seen something the sweatshirt before. It didn’t take much time to realize the color scheme and the general concept was eerily similar to Justin Bieber’s “Purpose Tour” merch line.

Fans, specifically Beliebers, were quick to come for Camila:

Justin’s “Purpose Tour” merch, as many recall, predominately relied on yellow, black and red. Several of his mustard-colored sweatshirts also utilized the simple black lettering on the front and had a similar concept for the sleeves with hints of red. Obviously Justin didn’t invent the concept of tour merch, but the historic success he saw with his latest line would be reason enough for any artist to borrow some inspiration.

See the photos of Camila’s first unveiled merch along with a few photos of Justin’s for comparison.

Are they too similar for your taste?

(Photo credits: Camila Cabello, Justin Bieber and Purpose Tour Merchandise Instagram accounts, JBCGiveaway Twitter account)

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