Lindsay Lohan’s Grand Theft Auto Lawsuit Has Been Rejected…Again

Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto Lawsuit Has Been Rejected...AgainIt’s the end of the road for Lindsay Lohan’s case against Grand Theft Auto V, BBC reports. Six Judges in the New York Court of Appeals unanimously rejected Lindsay’s privacy case after dismissing a claim that a title character was based on her.

The case dates back all the way to 2014 when Lindsay first sued the maker of the video game, Rockstar Games. She claimed that a character Lacey Jones looked like her, sounded like her and wore clothes that resembled her own clothing line. The case was thrown out in 2016 before Lindsay filed an appeal.

The appeal judges accepted her claim that a video game character could constitute as a “portrait,” which made her invasion of privacy claim hold a bit of water. They eventually decided the likeness wasn’t strong enough and that the in-game “actress slash singer” simply resembled a typical young woman.

“[The] artistic renderings are indistinct, satirical representations of the style, look and persona of a modern, beach-going young woman,” Judge Eugene Fahey writes in his ruling. “That is not recognizable as plaintiff.”

Lindsay hasn’t responded to the news and it doesn’t seem like being the new spokesperson for will help revive the case.

(Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan Instagram account)