Joe Jonas Might Be Ditching DNCE For Country Music

Joe Jonas Might Be Ditching DNCE For Country MusicAll’s been fairly quiet on the DNCE music front and Joe Jonas isn’t signaling an end to the drought any time soon. In fact, he might have his sights set on a totally different project all for himself.

Speaking to E! News, the DNCE frontman admitted that he would “love” to give country music a try. Joe was inspired by his time at Stagecoach Festival over the weekend and he already has a dream collaborator lined up.

“I am a huge Kacey Musgraves fan,” Joe said. “Doing a collaboration with her or a duet would be a dream.”

Questions about the future of DNCE weren’t raised, but, oddly, chatter about the Jonas Brothers came up. Joe continued to squash talk of a reunion by spouting the same old response.

“I think right now we are all focused on our individual careers and personal lives. We get to be brothers and that’s something that want to really be the forefront of who we are as people,” he told the publication. “I think right now we are doing our own thing.”

He did add that “you can never say never,” but it sounds like a country music collaboration is infinitely more likely for the time being.

Would you like to hear Joe go country?

(Photo credit: Joe Jonas Instagram account)