David Henrie Set To Make His Directorial Debut With Coming-Of-Age Film

David Henrie to direct to coming of age filmDavid Henrie is dipping his toe back into the entertainment world, but this time it’ll be behind the camera. On Monday, the Hollywood Reporter announced that Selena Gomez’s former co-star will be making his directorial debut with the coming-of-age film “This Is the Year.”

The movie won’t be any different than the previous films released with the same plot as it follows a high school senior as he embarks on a road trip to win the girl of his dreams. Described as “nebbish,” the young man will be joined by his friends as he travels to “the greatest music festival of the year.”

David isn’t just directing the seemingly cliché film, he also helped write it along with Bug Hall, mostly known for his role as Alfalfa in “The Little Rascals.” David hopes it puts him in the same league as ’80s visionary John Hughes.

“I can’t wait to bring to life a heartfelt and fun movie in the vein of what John Hughes did so well in the ’80s. My hope is that it will truly mean something to our audience,” Henrie told THR.

(Photo credit: David Henrie Instagram account)