“Pray For My Sweet Niece DEMI:” Demi Lovato Reportedly Overdoses at Hollywood Home

Demi BlondeNumerous media outlets have reported that pop diva Demi Lovato was hospitalized yesterday after a drug overdose. TMZ.com reported that Demi was allegedly found unresponsive at her home in the Hollywood Hills sometime around noon, while People Magazine reported that the LA Police Department confirmed that the LAPD and LAFD “responded to a medical emergency” in the vicinity of her Hollywood home.

Quoting a report from The Blast, PageSix says that “sources” indicate that the singer may have been using meth at the time of the alleged incident. Initially, TMZ reported that the incident may have involved heroin, but later the site amended its report, stating that “law enforcement sources” told TMZ reporters that Demi did not OD on heroin, even though TMZ continues to hold to its earlier reporting that Narcan was administered on the scene. An audio recording allegedly of emergency responders on the scene that was obtained by TMZ seems to reference the administration of Narcan.

Narcan is a drug often used to reverse or relieve the worst effects from heroin and other powerful opioids.

Heavy.com reports that a woman it identifies as Demi’s aunt, Kerissa Webb Dunn, also posted several comments about the incident on social media – including a confirmation that the singer was awake and responsive. The Heavy.com also reprinted a Facebook post allegedly written by Dunne stating:

“PLEASE PLEASE pray for my sweet niece DEMI LOVATO. She has been hospitalized and needs everyone’s prayers desperately!!!! PLEASE PRAY she pulls through.”

Subsequently, Dunn’s posts appeared to have been deleted, and the Facebook account no longer appears to be public.

Since the incident first hit the press, multiple sources report that Demi is “awake” and “responsive.” But People reports that Demi’s condition is simply “stable.”

For months, rumors have swirled that Demi may have fallen off the wagon after what she indicated in various interviews were “years” of sobriety. Back in March, Demi admitted to Dr. Phil that, in the past, she used various drugs and alcohol “very fast, very hard” and answered a lot of questions related to both addiction and the counseling she needed to become clean. In June, the lyrics of Demi’s recently released single, “Sober,” suggested to many that the pop star was admitting that she had relapsed into drug abuse.




(Photo Source: Demi Lovato Instagram account)


  • Volderpork

    You guys are aware this happened over 24 hours ago right? It’s a shame, I used to actually go here for news.

  • Tim

    We know.

  • Lovatic

    prayers from the UK

    • thecat61

      Not a big Demi fan, but I don’t like to see this….and I feel for you and the rest of her fans.

  • Chass

    i hope she understands what a big mistake she made firing her life coach he was only trying to do his job and keep her on track i hope she rehires him because she cant do this alone

    • thecat61

      Have a feeling her mom will be granted conservatorship….just like what happened to Britney.

  • anonymousunblocked

    heroin gives its users a dopamine high that is way above what’s possible naturally. withdrawal is an intense nasty experience that ends with a brain that slowly recovers its ability to enjoy basic pleasures

    that said, use of heroin and other drugs is a choice. and it’s regularly avoided by people, even former addicts, because they want to fit in with other people, keep their jobs, etc

    i have several siblings and they would not be treated well by everyone around them if they used drugs. i would expect the same for myself. and with that, everyone around me stays sober. and of course probably at least 80% of the people in the world do the same and know that’s how drugs and people work. and it’s why most other people in the developed world have zero tolerance for hard drug use. many have zero tolerance for most drug use

    and study shows that when faced with drug tests and a failure punishment of 24 hours in jail, most addicts quit using drugs

    so when ariana’s mom talks about being nice to everyone (even though she is a vicious and illogical hater of trump (but i encourage you to hate his China trade policy)), i have to disagree strongly. no, an addict or a fool or a mom will never hold me hostage to people should “be nice”. and btw, ‘introspection’ doesn’t mean try to think of a way to continue your bad behavior

    drug tests are cheap, so if people wanted to enforce sobriety they could, even with the most determined users

    but either way, i think even demi realizes drugs aren’t a sustainable way to stay high

    • anonymousunblocked

      another thing is with nicotine. nicotine used to be used as an insecticide and that’s because like most insecticides it damages the nervous system of insects to the point of death. turns out nicotine is also bad for embryos for the same reason. another problem is lung cancers spread more easily with nicotine (https://www.webmd.com/lung-cancer/news/20060720/nicotine-speeds-lung-cancer)