Report: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Apparently Have Broken Up Again

Zayn Gigi Break Up FeatureUS Weekly is reporting what fans have been talking about for nearly a month now on social media. Namely, that model Gigi Hadid has thrown in the towel again with on-again/off-again boyfriend and onetime boy-bander Zayn Malik.

“They’re done,” one source told the magazine. “They could get back together,” the same source continued, “but it’s over for now.”

Over the course of the relationship, Gigi has always seemed to be the one putting in the work, juggling her career ambitions and high-profile modeling jobs while traveling back and forth the be with Zayn. On the other hand, Zayn has reportedly wanted to mostly stay close to his Manhattan apartment, live a much more low-key lifestyle and avoid social functions or the public eye.

Based on reports, interviews and videos, Gigi has sometimes seemed obsessed with Zayn, and another US Weekly source says she has “tried hard to make it work.” However, that source says that behind-the-scenes Zayn has “a lot of his own issues that she couldn’t help him get through.”

A number of incidents over the last two months have led Gigi and Zayn fans to speculate that there were problems brewing in the relationship. In particular, alarm bells went off when Gigi — who is typically very social and marketing-friendly — failed to show at the release party for Zayn’s Icarus Falls album on December 12th in New York. Instead, Zayn had to rely on family members for support at the event.

Further, after being a no-show for the release party, Gigi conspicuously failed to post anything promoting or congratulating Zayn on the album at all. Instead, she posted pictures presumably from her mother Yolanda’s family farm showing her hugging a horse with the caption, “preferred house guest.”

Then, two days after the release of Zayn’s album — which performed very poorly in terms of actual sales — Gigi retweeted a cryptic tweet from singer Kehlani on her Twitter feed that read:

i do not owe you myself. i do not owe you any information about me beyond what i choose for you to know. i do not owe you strength when i am weak. i do not owe you answers just because you ask.”

While some interpreted the tweet as being a statement by Gigi to overly nosy fans on social media, many saw it as a message to her reclusive and brooding significant other. Another US Weekly source suggests Gigi just had enough.”She cut herself off from all her friends every time they were together,” the source said to Us Weekly. “She focused all her time and energy on him, but it just got to be too much.”

While the sources cited in the US Weekly article do not close off the potential for the pair to get back together at some point, one does have to wonder if this is really the last of ‘Zigi.’ Maybe the Gigi and Zayn are finally admitting that the differences in lifestyle choices and personality types are just to great for them to get past.

You can check out the full story from US Weekly here.

(Image source: Gigi Hadid Instagram account)