Kendall Jenner and Her Bangs Answered Questions About both her Sister Kylie Jenner’s Love Live … and Her Own

Kendall Jenner Ellen DegenerisKendall Jenner showcased her new bangs when she sat down for an interview with daytime talk host Ellen Degeneres. And maybe to some people’s surprise, Kendall actually gave Ellen some concrete answers to questions about her sister Kylie Jenner’s love life — and her own.

When asked about rumors that Kylie is pregnant, Kendall responded that she did not believe that her sister was pregnant. Similarly, when asked about another rumor involving Kylie, namely that she got engaged to long-time love interest Travis Scott over Superbowl weekend, Kendall also told Ellen that she did not believe s0 — thought she did leave a little wiggle room in how she answered the question.

With respect to her own love life, Kendall did finally admit that she is officially dating NBA star Ben Simmons. However, when asked by Ellen how long Kendall’s been seeing Ben, all Kendall would say is that they’ve been together for “a bit.”

In the interview, Kendall also touched on her struggles with acne. And she dealt with a surprise, on-set visit by her mother and manager, Kris Jenner.

You can watch Kendall’s full interview with Ellen in the videos below.

(Image source: Youtube)


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