Mod Sun Says He Would Like To Get Back with Bella Thorne … After His Team Had Cops Remove Her From His Home

Mod Sun Bella ThorneRapper Mod Sun spoke to a reporter from TMZ and answered some very direct questions about his recent split from long-time girlfriend, Bella Thorne. The two reportedly broke up a little over a week ago at the first weekend of the 2019 Coachella Festival, where Bella was photographed getting close with a young Italian musician identified as Benjamin Mascolo.

The interview happened after TMZ also reported that police had to be called to force Bella to vacate Mod Sun’s Woodland Hills, California home when she allegedly entered the property without permission from a back door to retrieve some things. Sources told TMZ that some of Mod Sun’s friends who were at his home at the time had to call the police when Bella refused to leave, but that she complied when the police arrived.

In his interview, Mod Sun seemed pretty emotional about the situation. However, he seemed to confirm not only that he had called things off but also that he still “loves” Bella and hopes for a reconciliation one day. When asked what he would say to Bella directly if he could, Mod Sun replied “Please take care of yourself.”

He did not speak about the rumors that he had dumped Bella when he found out about Bella spending time with Benjamin. But he did tell the TMZ reporter “She’s young, bro. She’s young and, like, she’s [taking] time to figure herself out.”

You can watch Mod Sun’s full interview below.

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