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When you have an Android Smartphone or a tablet you can go a lot more thing. You can use various apps available on Google Play and take out maximum benefit. Today I am going to recommend you some of the best sms application that you can use and replace the same dull interface. SMS is one of the most common mode of communication. you can send instant message to your friend and notify them. Most of the android rom comes with stock features. The sms app in that is very basic and you cannot do much. But there are some impressive apps in the market that can help you in getting more benefits. You can replace that default application and manage the output in more appropriate way. Lets checkout each of them one by one.

Handcent SMS:

It is quiet old but yet popular app. This app give you a simple option to customize it. It has some new feature which can be handy when you are sending a message. First of all I like the simplicity. The app has a bit outdated interface but still it is amazing. It gives you almost all features and it works really fast because it is not having a very heavy UI. You can use this on old phone also. The app offer you a privacy option also. It has ample of settings to manage your sms instantly. You can have your own private inbox in it which above two app does not give. It also lack dual sim support.

Handcent SMS
hello sms:

This app has the best interface. I am using this in my phone because it is quiet nice and easy to access. It has simple tabs where you can get sorted sms. The UI is very sticky. You can simply navigate to different message in it. All message are sorted in the form of threads. That means by tapping on single number you can get all sms send by that person. This app is good for those who have lots of sms work. It is very fast and works well on all phone. It is not having annoying notification. The issue with this app is that you cannot use dual sim on that. That is the reason it comes as a alternative.

hello sms

Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts was first messaging app that link your Gmail account. You can get your emails also in it. It is one of the best and easy to us sms app available. because here you have two benefits. You can simply use it like a chat messenger with your friends or you can also use it like a sms app. It gives you the same threaded type of view which we know. The app has a hangout feature through which you can chat with many people at the same time. There are less option but the app is quiet user friendly. You get a single inbox inside this which gives you hangout and sms at the same place. It also lack dual sim support and you cannot customize it.

google hangouts


This app is bit advance because it brings many features and options. Pro does not means it is paid. The app is free. But there is a  premium version available that will cost around 4.99$ if you want more feature like premium themes. The app has many things and it has some really advance features. But still the free app will give you lot of support. One thing I did not like in the app is the ads. They are bit annoying.


Textra SMS:

This app is for those who do not require much customization things. It is easy to use. It is a bit more than a regular sms app. It will give you certain good things that can help you to make your sms more better. You can customize things in the sms app as per your need. It also has different theme support. You can modify the color and font side here. With same ui you can get rid of boring sms interface. It has Pop up notifications feature.

Textra SMS

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