Samsung Galaxy S10 Render: Punch Hole, Thin Bezels, Snapdragon 855 And More

The web has been flooded by the live image of Upcoming Galaxy S10 posted by the popular guy Evan Blass on Thursday giving us the more accurate idea about how small bezels are going to be in the upcoming phones. For a while it’s been in the air that Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy S10, S10 lite, Galaxy S10+. As per the detail, the three models come with the display size of 6.1 inch, 6.4inch and 5.8 inch respectively.

Let me tell you the most exciting part about design is its display. Just like apple, Samsung is reducing the chin bezel which would be thicker than the top bezel providing the distraction free display. Further all the three-model listed have single rear camera. Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 lite will have single front facing camera. On the hand Galaxy S10 lite is rumored to have a pill shaped double front facing camera.

Armed with in-display fingerprint sensor and latest snapdragon 855/ Exynos 9820 SoC as expected. Like Huawei Mate pro, Samsung Galaxy 10 will have reverse charging feature that will charge other devices and watches. Galaxy S10 is said to have triple camera setup and the Galaxy S10 lite is equipped with dual camera. And the “Plus” is said to come with the quad camera.

The new listed models are given codenames by the Samsung as “BEYOND”. Galaxy S10 is called as “BEYOND 1” while the Galaxy S10 lite is called as “BEYOND 0” and lastly Galaxy S10 plus will be known as “BEYOND 2”. And the special point to be noted that Samsung may launch its fourth special tenth anniversary model which would be named as “BEYOND X” which the screen size of 6.7inch. This model will also have its add on feature as it will support 5G. Don’t you think it’s great?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Variants

Samsung will be officially unveiling the new models in the upcoming year. The galaxy S10 will have its launch date on January 20. But surely the Samsung fans must be looking forward for the bug screen phones. For the headphones, Samsung is going to keep 3.5mm jack which is not the case in Samsung A8s.

While buying a phone, the most important factor is price. But that will all go out of the window when you will see you shiny Samsung Galaxy big screen phones.

The price of Galaxy S10 is said to be started at 699 pounds (i.e. INR 63,000). The pricing for Galaxy S10 with 128 GB of internal space is said to be started at 799 pounds (i.e. approx. INR 70,600) and the one with 512GB of internal space starts at price of 999 pounds (i.e. approx. INR 90,000). Lastly, we have the Galaxy S10+ which is said to start at 899 pounds (approx. Rs 81,000) for the 128GB variant.

If everything comes as it is shown, then Samsung will surely do great in reducing the chin bezel unlike other android phone makers. So, waiting on the wings, as we are?

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