Mugen launches 5900mAh extended battery for Samsung Galaxy S5

Today’s high-end smart phones are powerful coupled with multi-core processors, HD displays with 1080p which blow away the device with his great power and drain away the battery very soon.8 and so today’s smart phones were seen in launching there device with ever increasing battery sizes. Turning to the Samsung Galaxy S5,the company had designed the device with32800 mAh  which was not enough for a full day’s worth of moderate use. Thankfully, the Galaxy S5 has the advantage of a removable battery, allowing you to swap in something even larger like Mugen’s new 5,900 mAh battery.

The  Mugen Power extended battery isn’t exactly cheap, but it essentially double the battery life originally provided by the GS5 the phone is also coming with support for NFC and QI wireless charging, but back cover will not offer water-resistance, though Mugen is reportedly working on a waterproof version for future release. The Mugen Power extended battery can be ordered now directly through Mugen, though it’s important to note that the battery and cover won’t actually available in the market .apart from all this You’ll also have the choice between a black or white battery cover.

Galaxy S5 5900mAh battery Mugen

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