Hackers May Have Access To Your WhatsApp Data Using These Apps on Your Phone

Your WhatsApp data is not safe anymore because of few Apps you have installed from Play Store. It may help hackers to steal or give access of your phone.

There are certain apps designed by hackers and uploaded on Play Store which can be easily used to get access to your phone and steal data from few apps, such as WhatsApp, facebook, etc. Your brain at this point might be triggering several questions, such as How to save your data? How to keep privacy ? How to make WhatsApp a safe and secured place? Well, we have the answers.

Even after so many security procedure by Google, Play Store is still not safe 100% to blindly download any app you want. You must know that there are still thousands of malicious apps available on Play Store that give access of your phone to hackers easily and even help to steal your WhatsApp data. This is an official report from Trend Micro that proves this attack. So, since your WhatsApp contains some very important and crucial data which you would never want to get in wrong hands, here are some very important tips you can follow to protect them and keep them safe.

A lot of people may think that WhatsApp is the safest app available on their smartphones ,But threats are everywhere and a new threat is detected on Google play store named as Malware . It can help hackers in accessing our phones which includes your data from WhatsApp ,Facebook ,other files and many more . Your messages, contacts, files, nothing is safe. Everything can be leaked by using this malware available on play store.

Cyber security and cyber crimes have become two of the most hot topics in the internet world. There are evil eyes all over the Internet. and WhatsApp, which comes with a lot of security features such as end-to-end encryption isn’t safe from these threats. Well, this is a bit disturbing.

It is a new Malware behind all these data stealing from our system. It is specially designed and developed to cause errors, damage and thievery . It steals data from server, computer network or client. ‘ANDROIDOS_MOBSTSPY’ is the name of the malware which has been discovered by security researchers at Trend Micro. The recent reports says that there are six such apps which comes with this malware software and these have been downloaded around 100,000 times from the Google play store.

This malware has breached many security protocols and has affected a lot of people so far. A report from Trend Micro says that it was showed up last year, that is 2018, and since more than 200 countries so far have been affected. These apps are as follow:

  • Flappy birr dog
  • Flashlight
  • Win7imulator
  • Win7launcher
  • HZpermis Pro Arabe F
  • Flappy bird.

Japanese Cyber Security has also released a report regarding this  ‘ANDROIDOS_MOBSTSPY’ malware saying that they can easily steal your call logs, contacts, messages, audio files, video,  photos along with Watsapp files and data can be accessed and fetched.

Here is the safety trick being done by Google: Since it is now officially known and Google is very much concern about its user’s security, they have already removed  all these six apps from play store. But it is still in doubt whether around one lakh users who downloaded these applications on their devices are safe from this or not. If in case anyone has already downloaded any of these application available on Google play store, then it is highly recommended to uninstall them as soon as possible and deep scan your entire device with some effective Antivirus.

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