Top 10 Hidden Features of Samsung Galaxy S5

Although, we know every new Flagship from Samsung brings us some new unique feature, Galaxy S5 brings you a lot of things which remains hidden in the device. In this short tip I am going to give you the list of top 10 hidden feature which can make your phone more productive. This device is released long back and it is already a big hit in the market. Now this phone is equipped with a nice fingerprint scanner security so that you can unlock your device and no one other can. It also has a heart rate monitor and a download booster. Above all the phone is durable. It is water and dust resistant that add more security when you are using the same. And now there are few more things that you can try on. So let’s checkout this hidden feature and use the phone more effectively.

Samsung Galaxy S5 hidden features

1. Call Notifications: There is a features in Samsung Galaxy S5 called as Call Notification Pop-ups. This feature is ideal for those who need to get a popup of calls that is on your phone. A tiny popup will appear on your screen when you are playing games or watching a movie. Through which you can apply or deny the calls and you don’t have to exit the application.

2. Boosting Touch Sensitivity: Samsung Galaxy S5 has amazing touch support. It is super smooth to use. But there is one more way through which you can make it more better that you can use different objects to write on the screen. Write now you are using stylus which is optimized. For that you have to go in the menu settings and you have to tap on device touch sensitivity. Increase it to maximum.

3. Privacy Mode: Samsung Galaxy S5 has a privacy mode. This help you to get a kind of security solution through which you can block access to your photos and videos and documents. You can hide them. For that you have to go in the settings and choose the file which you want to lock. You can use a pattern or pin code here. Through which no one can access your files.

4. Kids Mode: There a good parental control feature available on this phone. It is called as Kids more. This feature allow you to enable a separate mode when your kids are using your phone. You have to use the Kid Mode application for the same which you can find on the store. Through this you can give your phone to kids and don’t have to worry about your data or files. It is a simple app that simply lock things and does not allow kids to mess with your data.

5. Instant Playlist:  To make a playlist you have to tap on the song and add it. But there is one more fast way to make playlist instantly. You don’t have to tap just tilt the phone and the song is added to your playlist. The option to turn this one is available in the settings. So next time when you are listening to your favorite song jus tilt the device and add that to the playlist.

6. Call info: To find information about a call you can use a app called a Truce caller. But Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with hidden feature where you can check the callers info when you are talking. You don’t have to hang up the device. You can see the email or any other inform which is associated with the phone number.

7. Camera Virtual Tour: The phone has a many new features when it comes to camera. You can create gif files through the phone instantly and there is one more feature called as Virtual Tour. You can use your photos to create simple virtual tours and share your photos instantly. You just have to type tour if you want to combine all those features and done. The phone automatically creates amazing tour where you can see your images.

8. Sender Priority: Now you can add priority to the people whom you want to send the message. This is like adding important members for sms. You can simply send them message instantly through this without messing up much with the settings and this is also a big time saving option.

9. Lock screen Camera: Through Samsung Galaxy S5 you can instantly start camera from the lock screen. You just have to swipe to the sides to turn it on. This is very helpful when you want to take instant photos. You can swipe out to launch the camera and click photos. A very easy to use features while you are moving around.

10. Toolbox: At the side bar you can create a tiny toolbox. This toolbox will have the list of all apps that you are suing constantly on your device. To access you just have to tap on that and done. You can launch all the application instantly from the same.

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