Samsung Galaxy S10 – Infinity O Display to Features and Pricing, Everything You Need to Know

The 10th Anniversary phone of S series is not only going to be a Powerhouse but a Beauty too.

Samsung did surprise a whole lot of people by announcing its first Folding Phone that will be released next spring costing a whopping $1700 but is that the only awaited news of 2019 from Samsung?

There is a lot to be excited about 2019. There is a lot of stuff on the horizon that is anticipated. No matter what kind of user a person is, be it an iPhone, or android, be it Vivo, Huawei or HTC or be it a Samsung user, we can’t deny the fact that we all are looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S10. Both as the phone overall and also specifically the Samsung’s Infinity-O screen (punch out hole cut display).

Year 2018 was full of innovation and trials going from full screen bezel less displays, avoiding the notches, with mechanical sliders, pop ups etc. Samsung on the other hand will be the only manufacturer who has managed to avoid the notch through 2018 and 2019 with Infinity Display introduced in Galaxy S8.

To be precise about this new display, Samsung is going to remove the chins all together from the top and the bottom and cut a hole at the top of the display. However Ice Universe tweeted saying this hidden camera tech is still yet to mature as the light is not able to reach to the depth of the sensors through the screen and that this tech won’t be fully recognized till 2024. This Infinity-O Display was one of the 5 new Infinity Displays showed by Samsung in November developer’s conference, out of which two had a notch on the top.

Additional to the display, it is confirmed that S10 will debut the in-screen fingerprint scanner. That’s a good welcome to the flagship, however it will be using ultrasonic sensor, which Samsung has been working on for quite some time now, unlike optical sensors that we see on phones like OnePlus 6T.

So now let’s talk a bit about the package that S10 will carry.

Galaxy S10 – Super Quad Camera

One of the most prominent aspect of this phone will be its Camera.  One thing that we can be assured of is that Samsung will carry one of the best Camera System, if not the best one on the market. There have been a lot of predictions and Blasts recon that it will have a third wide-angle lens. We had already seen 4 lenses on Galaxy A9 so its safe to say that Samsung will do something similar with regards to a 120-degree camera and 2X optical zoom to say the least. To compete with One Plus 6T and Google Phone there is going to be a very competitive Night mode as well. And this is just a start to the aspects we all are waiting to this Flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Display

Specifications and all OneUI

Well, a lot is not confirmed yet but it doesn’t kill to take guesses right? It is quite evident that Samsung Flagships always carry top of the line, latest Qualcomm chips, Snapdragon 855 could be the heart of this phone, 6GB Ram and 128 GB storage will be the least offering as its already there in Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy S10 OneUi

IP68 water resistance and wireless charging goes without saying, maybe even removal of the headphone jack, but all these speculations are already expected. To surprise, S10 might have 5G Modem as confirmed by a report from Bloomberg and a totally new and refreshed User Interface called OneUI that will feature larger texts, bottom heavy actions and darker theme. Excitement just keeps growing isn’t it?

Additional Pocket Friendly Model?

No matter what the Samsung Flagship model has or doesn’t have, one thing is sure that it will have a heavy price tag. So render from Ben Geskin who by the way has an excellent track record when it comes to Galaxy leaks says that there is a budget model in making, inspired from Apple, that will be priced lower that S10 and S10+.

This budgeted model will have a flat display as opposed to the curve display, a dual camera set up instead of three cameras and fingerprint sensor on the side instead of under the display. He also stated that this cheaper variant might carry Snapdragon 845 of the current generation rather than the new one but he wasn’t so sure about this speculation. If this comes out to be correct and lot of people in many parts of the world will be very happy.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Variants

Pricing and Release Date

The section for which we all are waiting eagerly and probably read the whole article for. It’s still a long way to go but the buzz states that this highly anticipated Flagship will be released in February 2019 either with or ahead of the Samsung’s First Folding Phone. Geskin has estimated the prices already and it states that the budgeted one will be priced between 650$ and 750$ which means the S10 will have a starting price more than the current S9 that is a staggering $720.

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