Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Video Recorder:

One more thing which is hidden in Wondershare Video Converter is an onscreen video recorder. This helps you to record playing videos on your screen automatically. It can be helpful for those who want to get only few clips from a long video. The Video recorder helps you to record videos without losing quality at all.

Wondershare video recorder

This is like a bonus benefit. It happens a number of time you are unable to download or copy a video. But you can play it. Now through this video recorder you can record the entire file and save it with the same quality. It records audio as well. All you have to do is enable the feature. For that you have to click on the tiny settings icon on the top right next to Feedback and click on video recorder. And the recording will start. Play the video on full screen and done. This feature is very handy when you are having problem with video files.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is very handy software for all those who are looking for simple and effective video conversion tool. It is easy to operate and has simple ui. The tool works well on systems but for fast transfer speed it is essential that you must have a GPU as well as a good amount of RAM and also keep your system updated with all required codecs. The benefit of having Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is that you don’t have to use different software for different tasks. You just rely on one for making complete professional like video. Using this Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate you can also watermark your videos or load subtitles on them. That is simple. There is a direct add subtitle button when you are trying to convert the files.

More Features:

After using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate I really feel sorted. This one brings out a mixed platform of simple and advance feature such as you don’t have to use different things, it reads various file format, etc. Few convertors which I had tested are having problems with old video file format. But Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate reads everything. And the output quality as well is really good. It does not try to modify the video files, instead it tries to maintain the exact quality. That is why it maintains the output.

Along with these, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate also has something more to offer that I want to mention separately. Under Convert section when you load videos, you can edit the video directly before converting and get a preview also. Have a look:

Wondershare Converseion effects

Load the video and click on edit button. That you get the above screen. This features might be common but are very helpful when you want to do something more with your videos. Like trimming the video, removing unnecessary parts, etc. You can crop a video and you can also rotate it. It happens that sometime we take vertical videos from our phone or camera. You can rotate those video directly here. You can also add a bit video effects with frames and insert a watermark or subtitle. These things are really handy. After converting video you can use these effects to enhance the video quality and make them much better. This can be ideal solution for project works.

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  1. tis is the best vedio editor software I have ever used! I learnt how to use it in one day, it is amazig.

  2. Wonder share is a very important platform whereby, one can easily make videos, projects or even come up with a creative photo slideshow. Giving a good example, I made some projects that really impacted positively my school and my society in general. I hereby acknowledge this platform and say thanks for making work easier.

  3. This is my first editing software ever and i learned how to use is in an hour. It is sleek user friendly and I would recomend it to anyone. It is simply Brilliant thanks Wondershare

  4. Wondershare video editor Software is Amazing!! Allows you to add music! Edit video clips by trimming, cropping, muting sounds.. Its incredible. The transitions are extraordinary.. you must try it!

  5. I really like wondershare video editor. I’ve tried many video editors before, but this one gives me everything I need.

  6. This program is great, I made a video and it let me edit many things. It is easy to use and has many useful features. it is one of the best programs i have used!

  7. This is a very good software, i want to use it in the future, but with that you don’t have to convert

  8. So good and easy for create video, I hope I will use it again. The finally, thank you for your help my homework.

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