PUBG Mobile Launches Prime And Prime Plus Subscription Plans Starting at Rs 71

You will be glad to know that PUBG Mobile has introduced PUBG Prime and Prime Plus membership offering several benefits and it starts as low as $0.99 (i.e. around Rs 71).

Pubg Mobile – the popular mobile game which needs no introduction. A lot has been in the news about this games. Recently we have informed you about the updated version of the mobile game and how they are going to introduced fourth map to the game ‘Vikendi’.

Now there’s another great news for players. You will be glad to know that PUBG Mobile has introduced PUBG Prime and Prime Plus membership offering several benefits and it starts as low as $0.99 (i.e. around Rs 71).As of now the subscription is restricted to few countries but soon it would be available globally.

According to the report by BeeBoom, the features were recognized on the activity tab of the game on the beta version of 0.10.0 of PUBG Mobile. Clicking the respective tab will re direct you to the prime subscription tab in the game.

The monthly membership of Prime is priced at $0.99 (Rs 70.99 approximately) per month, and Prime Plus has a discount for the first month which brings down the regular $9.99 (Rs 716 approximately) per month to $4.99 (Rs 358 approximately).

Furthermore, I should inform you that on signing up for Prime, users will immediately get 150UC, and other rewards with 10UC for logging in everyday. As for the Prime Plus membership, users will be immediately given 300UC, and other rewards with 20UC for logging in everyday.

The information was leaked by renowned youtubers Mr. Ghost Gaming and allthenewsisgoodnews. These are the people speculating the entire information. According to them the new subscription is already available on KRJP server. There is nothing official news about these subcription plans from Tencent however. It is been said that the subscription is available on their KRJP server but is not yet pushed to indian or any global server.

PUBG Mobile has generally been fortnite in terms of revenue earned despite having a larger player base. Prime memberships may just be the solution PUBG Mobile needs to overcome this deficit.

Recently we have updated you about the 0.10.5 update which consist of 190 MB download size. The update consist of following things such as Royale Pass Season 5, ‘Classic’ voices, new weapons, and the addition of Vikendi while creating rooms. Apart from that Tencent Games has announced a new Awesome Patch, which will bring the Moonlight mode to the Vikendi Map for PUBG.

The entire patch will be released for desktop version. For mobile game, there are no offical word from tencent games. Overall we can say, after experiencing a runaway success with its mobile game app. The team is now planning to grab big in terms of revenue also. Either ways this is very good news for ping players where they can have more fun and can have more vivid and exciting gaming experience.

PUBG fans, are you ready to be a part of this maddening race of playing ping and getting its prime plus subscription? If so, then do let us know about it in our comment section. And for updates related to pubg or any other trending topic stay tuned to our website.

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