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Who Wins the Foldable Phones Thunder – Xiaomi, Samsung or Royole?

According to the news, Samsung was expected to reveal its foldable smartphone device on Feb 20. But seems like they are busy with their next Flagship, Galaxy S10. And meanwhile their Chinese rival brand Xiaomi has snatched the lime light by leaking a video of their Double Foldable Smartphone.

While Samsung has been teasing about their Foldable phone since years now. On the other hand, a new brand Royole has already showcased world’s first Foldable phone named FlexPai but again, Xiaomi’s device has stole the thunder of both Samsung and Royole.

In a trailer video from the company, posted by Co-founder and President Lin Bin, it is shown that the smartphone is able to transform from a tablet form factor to a mobile phone. The video which is played on a rectangular device which seems like a tablet which later was folded like a book and used like a smartphone.

The device design was the first of its type. Xiomi is the first company to showcase the trifold foldable phone prototype. The design provides a variety of things.

Earlier we have informed you about the foldable device such as Royale FlexPai, which folds in the middle and Samsung’s Foldable prototype which is expected to be Galaxy X, Galaxy F, Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Flex.

Royale FlexPai Foldable Smartphone

It is expected that the revenue generated from the smartphone during initial period is not as expected. But the early movers can gain experience in what works and what doesn’t ahead of rivals who hang back.

According to Ben Wood, chief researcher at CCS Insight “History has shown that many users are on a never-ending quest for larger and larger displays and this is a technology well suited to addressing that challenge”.

The major challenge in all the foldable smartphones which are seen would be:

  •  Does the screen can bear huge number of bends, and if we talk about Xiomi’s Foldable then the screen folds at two places which creates more risk.
  •  how smooth the transition from the larger screen space to a smaller one occurs?

Everything has its some good and some bad point. So, does Xiomi’s foldable phone. As the device’s outer edges folds backward, the central space will be constant.It will not expand or collapse. While in Samsung foldable smartphone, whose screen vary from 4.5-inch screen on the outside to a 7.3-inch interior screen when it’s open. In every scenario here, you have to suspend all your activities and start over again to fit your apps to screen size.

Samsung Foldable Phones

According to the sources, the foldable smartphone provided by Xiomi is very compact, rectangular which is in contrast to its rival Royale FlexPai. The size of air gap in the phone is yet not known.


Xiomi Smartphones are known for its affordable price. They provide the same features provided by its counterparts such as Samsung, Huawei and others in quite cheaper price.

For example, we have Xiaomi’s thin Mi Mix 3 which comes with 6-inch display size and well equipped with four cameras, which comes in half the price of iPhone XS. If Xiomi sell its foldable smartphone in prices less than Samsung’s foldable then they can easily draw attention of Asian market.

The Chinese company has not yet said anything on when they will launch the smartphone in the market. But according to Mobile World Congress, maybe in late next month, the company will unveil its foldable smartphone after Samsung launch event of Galaxy S10.

Note that, nothing is sited as a official statement from any of the two companies yet.

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