ClockWorkMod Recovery for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

ClockWorkMod Recovery, also known as CWM Recovery is a software or option used for replacing the default recovery console of Android smartphones or for rooting purpose. It is utilized for installing ROMS and many other purpose on your smartphones and tablets.

As there are no dedicated CWM recovery released for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 model, you can use this package to get the ClockWorkMod on your phone. You can find several rooting guides on forum using this package. Download from the button provided below.

ClockWorkMod Recovery[wpdm_package id=’24519′]

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    1. its ‘TechDisc’ without quotes. It is already mentioned on the download button as well 🙂

  1. Download button is not working properly. Whenever im clicking on it it is redirecting me to this page’s homepafe plz fix this….

  2. I entered the password, but there is no download button. When i clicked on android recovery image, it just opens the image in another window. I am not able to download. i tried it several times.

  3. HOw can i download it im pressing Pass:tech but It say that Wrong password ?

    How can i get a password ?

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